SKK Interior

Our Interior Services

Complete interior solutions for offices, retail stores to accomodation

Shop Fitting

We do custom designs as per franchise or interior design specifications

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White Boxing

This service contains that when a tenant move out of his leased premises that the shop or office be brought back to its original state before the tenant took occupation.

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Painting and water proofing

We have a paint team of 8 that is qualified painters servicing commercial and private sector.

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Interior Installations of all types of ceilings from normal office access ceilings to flush plastered ceilings for IE t-strip, flush plaster, access ceilings, acoustic ceilings, fire rated ceilings moisture ceilings

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Interior Designed feature ceilings from home, executive offices, retail, hospitals and mall designs.

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Interior walling ie offices, retail, hospitals and offices. We offer various types of drywalls :
normal office walls, 30min fire rating to 1-2 hour fire rated walls for residential, server rooms, to Soundblock walls for studios or music rooms and moisture drywall

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Carpeting & Laminating Flooring

Interior various options for schools, hospitals, offices, houses. wood and

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Rhyno Lite WallSkimming

Interior to create a smooth wall finish

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